Getting Started

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Getting Started

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AlterPDF is a free PDF converting and editing software. With it you can perform various operations with your PDF document. It is possible to convert, modify and secure the PDF files.


Key features include:

- Convert PDF to JPG, convert PDF to BMP, TIFF, EMF;

- Convert photos to PDF (JPEG to PDF, BMP to PDF);

- Extract text from PDF files, and save to text format;

- Extract pictures from PDF document as a separate files;

- Join several PDF files;

- Divide PDF onto multiple documents;

- Rotate, crop, extract or remove any pages in the PDF document;

- Encrypt any PDF document with password;

- Set user permissions to PDF document;

- Decrypt PDF if it is protected;

- Change metadata in PDF file;

- Digitally sign your PDF documents;

- Print PDF files.


Why you need our software?

As you may know, standart free Adobe software does not allow you to modify PDF documents. In some cases you only allowed to fill out the forms, create annotations, copy and print the content of document. Any advanced operations are restricted in Adobe Reader. So if you want to move forward, and make some changes in a document, you must purchase a monthly subscription from Adobe.

With AlterPDF you can get all required PDF tools for free.


Why is the program so called?

As the program name implies, it allows you to alter PDF documents. In other words, you can create the ALTERnative versions of your PDF files.