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Print PDF

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This tool allows you to print output documents directly from the program interface.


Go to the "Print" section of the program, and choose PDF from the combo. It contains a list of processed files.


If you want to load the different PDF, please click at combo, then select the integrated button "Load PDF from another directory...".


On the Preview area you can see your chosen PDF document.


On the Settings you can setup and configure the printer, specify the number of copies for printing. You can also define how to fit the PDF content to the paper:

choose the first option 'Fit to paper" if you want to fit the content to the physical size of the paper (ignoring the offsets). Or choose the second option "Fit to print area" to make sure all page content will be visible on the printed pages.


If you want to print all pages, choose the "Process all pages" option. If you want to process specific pages, choose the "Current View" or "Custom Range" option, and enter the page range.

For example: 1, 2, 6-8.


When ready, click the "Print" button to start the process.