I have forgot my license key. What should I do?
Don't panic! Please visit our support center, and send us a message. Include the following information: your email that was used for purchase, your first and last name. We will check this data in our records, and send you a  license key.
How long is my license valid?
Your license will never expire. You make a one-time payment for AlterPDF, and you get a life-time license for AlterPDF and the right to update the software for free.
I didn't receive a key after my order.
At first, check your Spam folder. Perhaps the email with the license information was mistakenly marked as spam.

If you placed your order via wire transfer, you may need to wait day or two until your transfer is complete. In other cases it may take up to 5 hours to process your order. If after this period you have not received a license key, please contact us by mail. Specify the email you used to order.
I have bought AlterPDF Pro. Can we install it for all our employees?
Absolutely not! The license allows you to USE AlterPDF in commercial organization, but it doesn't mean you can install it on any number of computers. One license is valid for one user (who purchased it). So you must purchase a license for every employee who will use AlterPDF.

At the same time, you should know that we provide good discounts if you buy more than one license. The more licenses you buy, the bigger discount you get. You can find out more about discounts on this page (section Volume Discounts).
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